Terms of Service

Updated 2024/03/09

Welcome to Save.Moe

We're happy to have you here, and we want you to have a great experience sharing your photos and videos. Before you dive in, please take a minute to read our Terms of Service (TOS). It's the simple agreement that lets you use our awesome service.

Got Question?

If you have any concerns about our website, or need to request takedown of content, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Or visit Contact Form.

The Basics

  • What you post is your own. We don't take ownership of the cool stuff you upload, and we're not responsible for what you (or other users) share.
  • Be an adult. Save.Moe is for folks 18 and over. If you're not quite there yet, there are lots of other great sites out there for you – come see us when you're older!
  • We keep an eye on things. For everyone's safety, we reserve the right to check out the content uploaded and remove anything we consider harmful or inappropriate.
  • Sharing is caring (sometimes). When you post stuff publicly, we might use it to promote Save.Moe or show off all the cool content you guys create.

Keep it Cool – What NOT to Do

We want Save.Moe to be a fun and welcoming place for everyone. That means there are some ground rules. This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • No illegal stuff. This includes things like hate speech, child exploitation, and sharing stuff you don't own (like copyrighted movies or images). Not cool, and seriously against the local law.
  • Don't be a jerk. Stealing people's information, money, or online identities is wrong and illegal. No scams, no phishing, and definitely no trying to rip people off.
  • Respect boundaries. While adult content is okay, but sharing private, intimate stuff without someone's consent? Absolutely illegal and awful – don't do it.
  • Don't mess with our site. Trying to break Save.Moe or overload our systems with spam? Not cool, and definitely not allowed.

The Fine Print

  • You're in charge of your actions. The stuff you upload and how you behave on Save.Moe is your responsibility.
  • Things may change. We might edit, remove, or change your content to keep Save.Moe running smoothly. No promises to tell you before we do, but we'll try our best.
  • We take content requests seriously. That said, sometimes things have to stay up for various reasons (legal stuff, mostly).
  • Bad behavior has consequences. If you keep breaking the rules, we might have to limit or block your account. Don't make us be the bad guys!
  • Rules can be updated. We might need to change these Terms now and then to keep things running smoothly or if the law changes.
  • Gotta agree to play. You can't use Save.Moe unless you agree to everything in this TOS. Sorry, those are the rules!

Storing Your Stuff

We'll do our best to keep your photos and videos safe as long as they play nice with our rules.

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